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How to Become a Global Leader in Automobile Distribution | Irfan Tansel | B2B Dr. Kiran

16 June 2022

CEO of Al Masaood Automobiles, Irfan Tansel, recently joined Dr. Kiran Nair, Associate Professor of Business Administration at Abu Dhabi School of Management on his show ‘Books to Boardrooms’ titled ‘How to Become a Global Leader in Automobile Distribution. The purpose of this interview was to educate the students pursuing an MBA degree on the changes in the automotive industry and the pillars of success for an automotive business.


During the episode, Tansel highlighted the transformation that the industry is witnessing, and how Al Masaood Automobiles has adapted to these changes by having an agile strategy in place for unprecedented times and challenges.


Tansel further touched upon the topic of how people are the main pillar of a successful business strategy, as the mobility sector continues to evolve.